Short(er) Hair Don't Care

Hi everyone!

So on my last post I said I would be posting soon my new haircut, so here it is! I have always had long hair as long as I can remember and I never wanted to get it cut because I felt like I was known as the person with long blonde hair. On the other hand I always felt it was such a nightmare to wash and it took absolutely ages for it to dry and it drove me insane!

Before and After

Being 2015 and still super (well, reasonably) motivated I decided this year was the year to cut it short. I was then further encouraged when I saw that several of my favourite celebrities had cut their hair (like Zoella and Kim Kardashian) and saw how much they loved it.

I am super happy with my hair now, I got 8 inches cut off and I cut it styled so that's it's slightly shorter at the front. Now it's so much easier to keep and I think when I curl it the curls won't disappear half an hour later!

As I do more posts you'll see more what it is like and I think I might do a post when I curl it and let you know how it goes!

Thanks for reading this post which is almost as long as my old hair!



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