Meeting Niomi Smart

Hi everyone!

Yesterday I went to Covent Garden in London with my sister to go out for dinner and also to meet Niomi Smart!

We saw that there was a chance to meet her in the Bare Minerals store in Covent Garden and usually when meet and greets come up we're never free or you have to get tickets, but this was completely free and for once we could both go!

We expected the queue to move so slowly so we obviously had to buy ice creams while we waited but then the queue started moving a lot quicker than we expected so it was quite a rush to down the ice creams and re-apply lip gloss!

Niomi was so lovely, although we didn't speak to her for long because it wasn't a chatty meet and greet, but I would have loved to have talked to her for longer.

After the meet and greet we wondered around some of the shops in Covent Garden and since it was a Friday night it was quite busy.

We soon started to get hungry and decided to head for one of our favourite restaurants called Maxwell's Bar and Grill

I was torn between the chicken caesar salad and the chicken burger but I soon caved in and went for the burger!

The food was so tasty but we were so full, so after we finished we rolled out the door and decided to walk around a bit.

After walking around some more shops, we walked over the Thames to Waterloo Station where we got a train home.

It was such a fun evening and we loved getting to meet Niomi who is one of our favourite Youtubers!



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