Moo'd Cereal House in Leeds

Hi everyone!

Last weekend when I went to Leeds, me and my sister decided to go and try out Moo'd Cafe. This is a cereal cafe where all they serve is cereal. It. Was. Amazing. It was literally so cool, there were several different choices of cereal cocktails. I had Cookie Monster which consisted of Sugar Puffs, Cookie Crisp, Cookie and Chocolate milk, so essentially it was a heart attack in a bowl, but completely worth it.

The actual cafe was super quirky and colourful, with cereal boxes on all the shelves and cute little chairs and tables.

I thought it was so much fun but weird to go and have cereal in a cafe but I actually really enjoyed it and would defintiely go again!

Here is the link to an article all about it. I hope you like the pictures below!



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