Oxford Street Shopping Spree

Hi everyone!

Yesterday I went shopping in Oxford Street and I thought I would share a few pictures. Firstly we went to River Island and this is usually a shop where I have a look around and come out with nothing, but yesterday I literally picked up everything in sight because there were so many things I loved!

The following pictures are of some outfits I tried on. 

The picture above shows me (right) with an outfit on inspired by Kendall Jenner (left). I loved the outfit Kendall wore as soon as I saw it and I loved recreating it with these pieces in River Island.

After River Island we went in several more shops including Forever 21. I was actually really disappointed with the clothes in Forever 21 because I usually have an arm full of clothes as soon as I walk in but yesterday I didn't pick up one item. On the other hand Zara picked up the slack because there were so many amazing pieces I could have bought!

After running around shops for a couple of hours and being British, it was time for tea!

We had a cream tea in the basement of Debenhams where there is a small cafe.

After cream tea it was time to experience the magic of the Disney store!

On the bottom floor there is Cinderella's carriage which you can sit in, so naturally I had to have my picture in it! 

The back of Cinderella's carriage is made to look like a pumpkin which is super cute!

Minnie took a back seat while I had some photos with Mickey.

The squad got back together as you can see in the photo above.

I am beyond obsessed with Disney and the Disney store in Oxford Street is definitely the place to be for any huge Disney fan so I would definitely recommend everyone to check it out!

I hope you enjoyed this post and I will be doing another post on everything I bought from the shopping spree!




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