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Hi everyone!

This week I went to the Orchard's Cookery School to do a cooking course called 'Off to Uni'. This was a five day course and was so much fun! We made so much food and we would cook all of our food for the day. I can safely say that I have never eaten so much food in my life because everything was so amazing!

There were only a few disasters which consisted of burning fudge and also mixing the filling of the quiche with the pastry which meant we had to remake it, but in general my cooking wasn't too shabby!

One of the first things we made was a Victoria Sponge Cake, except we used apricot jam instead of strawberry. Not using strawberry jam was definitely a bit heartbreaking because that's obviously the best, but for some reason we had to use the apricot jam instead. It was still so tasty though and it was the perfect simple recipe to get started.

Probably one of my favourite things we made was the Chocolate Molleux. It was basically chocolate cake with gooey melted chocolate in the middle and it was the best thing ever!

Every morning we made a different type of egg, like scrambled, fried, omlettes, and also a poached egg (below). I really can't decide if I like eggs or not but they were really fun and easy to make.

We made profiteroles which were super yummy!

Whenever we made meals there was always so much choice because we cooked so much and one night we had a cheese fondue.

One lunchtime we made two different fish dishes. Almost everyone loved both of them but I discovered that I really don't like fish that much (unless it's covered in batter and smothered in ketchup!)

Quiche has become a solid favourite of mine now but I still hate the word quiche because I think it sounds so horrible!

As part of the course we had a lesson in apple art which was really cool. Although the picture isn't in focus you can see we made a swan out of an apple. This was so clever but I think you'd only do it for a dinner party if you have 38234982 hours before to make it in! PS Sorry the photo is blurry!

The last picture shows a brandy snap with lemon syllabub in the centre and some fruit on top. This was yummy but I'm personally more of a chocolate fan!

I really enjoyed this cookery course and I'll definitely make some of the recipes again. They also offer a chalet course which I would really like to try out because they cook fancy dishes. 

I used this course for my D of E Residential so if anyone was looking for a course for this part of the D of E Award or if you just like cooking I would really recommend you do this course.




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