5 ways to improve your Instagram feed

Hi chums!

I have been thinking about Instagram a looot since I started reading a book called Capture Your Style by Aimee Song who is pretty much an Instagram legend.

Her book is all about creating the perfect Instagram feed and seeing as I have been unhappy with how my Instagram has been looking for a while it seemed like a gift sent from the gods!

My Instagram account @sightsnstripes (if you could give me a cheeky follow then that would be fab!) has taken some time to become something that I'm now really happy with.

I always thought about my posts in terms of how each individual picture looked. I was happy with the picture I was posting but then when I looked at how they fit in with my feed I saw a huge problem - that they actually did not fit in with my feed at all!

My colour scheme was all over the place/ I didn't really have one and I just got a bit fed up of how it was looking. Yes, I am concerned over trivial matters such as Instagram (sue me!)

But now...

I finally happy with how it's starting to look! Wooo! Yay me! What a real life-changer. So I wanted to share with you just 5 fine tips on how to improve your Insta-game.

1. Edit your pictures in the same way every time

No, they don't all have to be black and white (unless that's what you're going for). They can have any colour in you want in but the key is to edit them in the same way. Don't go nuts with the saturation on one and then put the next one in black and white. Develop your go to way of editing, whether it's upping the brightness and downing the highlight or whether it's downing the shadows and adding some vignette. Stick to what you like and your Insta-game will instantly start to improve.

2. Say no to borders!

Borders are just a no-no. They mess up your grid and you will regret them in the future! That is all.

3. Warmth is not always a friend

Everyone loves a nice warm picture because warmth = happiness. Except when it comes to Instagram. I have read that pictures actually appeal to people more if you lower the warmth when editing. This has been a tip that I have tried and tested and I have to say it definitely works!

4. Don't make it too busy

If you look at accounts where the Instagram feed is literally gold, you probably will see that it is not too busy. Having pictures with a lot of detail all in a row can made an unappealing feed. The solution: mix up some close up shots with some landscapes/pictures of buildings etc. This will make your feed a lot more attractive.

5. Follow a colour scheme

So this probably sounds like the complete opposite of what I say in my first tip but I stand by the fact that you don't have to make a completely black and white feed. What is important is that you don't dramatically change your colour scheme. So if you're headed into autumn and are 100% ready for those orangey vibes then go for it, but make sure you don't just post two random orange ones and then flip to a picture of a purple hippo (lol) because that will make your feed look craaazy bad. I have been a victim of this (posting a blueish scene after a warm yellowy scene - ew) but now I'm back on track!

In the book I mentioned before it says to consider your Instagram in terms of twelve pictures because that's how many can fit on your phone/iPad in one go. So if you're going for a pink colour scheme then make sure some pink appears in around 12 of your photos in a row if possible.

This is probably the most important tip I have learned and the one that has really upped my Insta-game!

I hope these tips have been helpful!

I would love to check out your Instagram accounts so please leave your @ handle in the comments below.

Happy Insta-posting!

Love as always


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