Wednesday's Wise Words

Hi chums!

I wanted to try out a new feature on my blog called 'Wednesday's Wise Words'. Quotes are something that I absolutely love because they really motivate and inspire me! 

So I have decided that every Wednesday I will post a quote that I have found that I want to share with you! 

Today's quote is one by Emma Watson (omg love her) and it's this:

I am sure all of us can think of something this applies to. For me it's drinking and clubbing. I don't drink and clubbing is my worst nightmare and as I'm at university which can be a bit awkward sometimes because everyone loves it (or seems to!)

I have spoken with a lot of my friends who like drinking and going out  and they have told me that they like just as much staying at home and watching a movie. Some have even told me that they don't really like clubbing and drinking all that much and that they only do it because everyone else does it.

I hope you don't feel like you have to pretend to do something just because everyone else looks like they love it :)

Please let me know in the comments if you like this blog feature and also if you also have something that you really don't like but other people do.

Love as always


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