My New Year's Resolutions and Aims

Hi chums!

I think I've already mentioned in my last two posts that I am a huge fan of the New Year! I love looking back on the good and bad (but mainly the good!) and deciding what I'm going to aim to do the next year to make myself a better person.

For the last couple of years I have written down in my book all my aims and resolutions of the year to come because it keeps me so motivated.

For example last year I wrote down that I wanted to run 5km without stopping. I know this is probably super easy for a lot of people but I find running really hard because I literally can't breathe (Mo Farah how do you do it?!) On the 30th December 2016 I still hadn't done it and I was feeling super unimpressed with myself so I decided 31st December would be the day/ my last chance to fulfill my aim. 

I went for a run with my sister that morning and we used the Nike running app to track how far we were running. The app ending up measuring in miles instead of km and because we got confused we actually ended up running 6km. 

It is so satisfying completing your aims so this year I decided I would post a few on my blog to put myself under more pressure to complete them, so here they are:

1. To see more sunrises and sunsets

2. To get a job/work experience in the summer

3. To floss as much as possible (I can't deal with disappointing my dentist anymore!!)

4. To run 8km without stopping (probs will regret this one on December 31st 2017...)

5. To do some charity work/volunteering

6. To go to bed earlier

7. To improve my photography for my blog

8. To drink more water

9. To try out new recipes

10. To text my friends spontaneously 

I have a some more written in my book because I like to think big but these are just a few.

I would love to hear any of your New Year's resolutions/aims in the comments below!

Even if you don't complete your aims it's ok because there is always the next year, but as my book says, the most important thing is to... be the best you! (mushy but true :) )

Love you all!


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