So about that January diet...

Hi chums!

So let's just talk about this January diet for a sec (or lack of lol). 

After Christmas I think everyone always wants to get rid of the food baby that's been building up over weeks of overindulgence but at the same time we have bags full of chocolate which has been given to us as presents.

I think this is such a dilemma and January has been a major struggle. After eating full meals with a pudding afterwards to going back to salads and no pudding is really hard. That's why I've decided January will be my half and half month. I'm eating as well as I can but I'm not kicking myself for eating an occasional biscuit or cakes because at the end of the day you only live once so eat the cookie if you want, but don't go back for the second one!

In my head February is the time to get started. All the chocolate and cake in my house is almost all eaten up now and I'm getting my head back in the game for a healthy February (and let's not forget it's the shortest month which makes it doubly good!)

I hope you're all having a good January and that you've still got your New Year's motivation going strong!

Love as always


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