Wednesday's Wise Words | 2

Hi chums!

So I haven't done one of these posts for a couple of weeks, but not to worry, my love of quotes is still going strong!

The reason I chose this quote this week is because I was thinking about things I did when I was younger that I no longer do now.

I always loved to do lots of extra curricular activities at school and at one point I was doing so much that I became super overwhelmed and wasn't in such a good place! I was determined not to quit anything and I eventually made it through, though I wasn't happy all the time whilst doing this. Life felt like a huge chore because every week I would take it day by day to get myself through (yes, I'm being a tad dramatic but I seriously did find it quite hard #firstworldproblems).

Thinking about this now I can see that I probably should have given up one or two things. This wouldn't have been me failing because it's never a failure to stop something as long as it's for the right reasons. As long as you put 100% into everything you do, you can't fail at anything.

I have found the last few months pretty hard for several reasons (won't mention them now), but looking back now I can say I'm really happy I haven't quit. I may not be a winner and I have had my fair share of failures, but I'm not a quitter and for me that's the most important thing!

I hope you are all having an amazing week!

Love as always


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