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Hi chums!

I'm not usually one to comment on politics or world events because I feel like I'm not the most knowledgeable person in the world in that respect and in general I like to keep my blog happy and light-hearted.

That being said, I wanted to write this blog post about the recent events in Barcelona because, being a Spanish student and having visited Barcelona just a few weeks ago, this is something I feel strongly about.

For those of you who don't know, on Sunday hundreds of pro-independence protesters filled the streets of Barcelona, most notably La Rambla (this newspaper article has more information).

Catalonia has wanted independence from Spain for years and though I am not going to share my personal political views, I cannot help but express my shock and disappointment at how the situation was handled.

More than 850 people were injured during the protest and although I sympathise with the Barcelona  police department for the unimaginable pressure they must have been under, I find no reason to condone the violent way in which they responded to the events. Many people were brutally beaten and the photos that have been released of this event are truly shocking.

I do not blame the police, nor the protesters, however I truly believe that there is a better way of maintaining freedom or speech along with peace and unity.

The world we live in today is one of fear; the recent Las Vegas shooting, the terrorist attacks in Manchester, in Paris, and so on. 

The only thing we can do to fight this kind of cruelty is to show more love and kindness to one another than ever before. Smile at strangers, message a friend you haven't spoken to in a while; even the smallest actions can make a big difference.

I had been preparing some blog posts about my trip to Barcelona before these recent events took place. Once I heard what had happened I was unsure whether to post them and have delayed finishing them. However, I have decided I will be posting some later this week to show how beautiful the city of Barcelona is and to show how much fun I had with fear not dictating my life.

When I decided to write this blog post, I was unsure how to start. I thought it would be hard to write as it's not by usual type of post, but having sat down just 10 minutes ago I am already finished and I think this is a testament to how passionate I feel about it.

No matter what your religious, political and social views are, I encourage you to respect others and share some love - it's what we all need at the moment.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you are all having a great week and keep an eye out for some happier Barcelona posts coming later this week.

Love as always,


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