Around the World at Epcot

Hi everyone!

The other day I went to Epcot, one of the four Disney theme parks in Florida. I went with my family and we had such a great day!

We didn't actually go on many rides at the park because we were enjoying going around all the different countries (for those of you who don't know Epcot, there are different 'countries' built around a lake. The countries are just a few buildings which represent the main aspects of the country, like monuments).

Our first stop was Mexico where we went on a ride. The ride was a tiny bit similar to 'Small World' in Magic Kingdom in the way that they have some of the dolls which are similar and it is also a slow boat ride.

The majority of Mexico was inside, which was made to look like a night market. It was so pretty inside as it was decorated for Christmas (as you can see in the picture below) and we had a lot of fun trying on sombreros and shaking our maracas!

The next country was China. Inside one of the building was a miniature terracotta army, like those who guard the tombs of the emperors. Although I'm sure it is nothing like the real thing, I thought they were so impressive and interesting and now I'm dying to go to China and see the real deal!

The buildings were so beautiful and so different from Western buildings. We went to Epcot on such a lovely sunny day and the reflection of the building in the water was so pretty!

A complete contrast to China was Germany, which was the next country around the lake. I have visited Germany several times but I have never seen a place which has looked like the Epcot-take on it, so maybe it's an American conception of Germany or maybe it's a copy of a smaller native town, but either way it was so pretty!

Moving onto Italy, we arrived in time to see a traditional flag show. If you click here you can see the type of show it is, but it was really impressive and I'm so glad we got to see it! 

Italy was amazing as they had a copy of the Trevi Fountain which was so exciting!

We loved Italy so much that we decided to have dinner there so obviously we had pizza and it was so yummy!

After Italy we arrived in Japan!

Again, the buildings were so beautiful and the people we talked to there were so lovely.

Morocco was like walking into Aladdin's cave; full of carpets, lamps and clothes.

It was so fun walking through what felt like Marakesh!

Next stop on the map was France!

The restaurant looked so Parisian and looked really popular.

Something which was really cute about France was the Christmas decorations they put up. There were several baubles with French monuments in along the main path, as you can see in the picture above.

The next country was my home country England and of course there was a massive tea pot and tea cup!

The buildings were done to look like a square in London.

Flipping back to the other side of the Atlantic, the last country was Canada.

I have never been to Canada but have always wanted to go so this was a perfect little taster!

And finally our less-than-24-hour-world-tour came to an end.

We spent the majority of our day going around the countries and thoroughly enjoyed it. We stayed to watch an amazing 20-minute long firework display to end the day.

We returned back to the villa we were staying at quite late and exhausted but it was well worth it and I loved every minute!



A Magical Christmas Eve

Hi everyone!

Christmas Eve is my favourite day of the year and this year I spent it in my favourite and the most magical place in the world - Magic Kingdom!

There is something extra special about spending the holidays in a Disney park. The decorations are everywhere and everyone is filled up with Christmas spirit and is so happy. 

One of my favourite parts about Disney is the parades which they put on in the day. Below are a few pictures of Mickey's Once Upon a Christmastime Parade. 

The parade starts off with Mickey and Minnie on a float decked with a huge Christmas tree - so festive!

I was so excited when I saw Anna and Elsa in a carriage pulled by white horses come along because Frozen is my favourite Diseny movie so I waved at them like crazy!

The parade ended with Santa in his sleigh and his eight dancing reindeers.

It is naturally so busy in the park so the queue times are so long but we enjoyed spending the day watching the shows and wondering around the park. We even encountered the stray reindeer below...

When the sun went down Cinderella's castle became even more magical as it was covered with thousands of lights. 

The lighting up of the castle was shortly followed by an amazing firework display which was so pretty and lasted well over 10 minutes!

The electrical parade was a huge highlight of the day. We watched the later of the two which started at 11:30pm and even then so many people took to Mainstreet to watch the procession.

Seeing as the park closed at 1:00am we decided to make the most of what were the shortest queues of the day so stayed very late and well into Christmas day!

We dragged ourselves away from the park at 12:45am and were so sad to leave but we had the most amazing day and for me it was definitely the best day of the year!




Brunch in Celebration

Hi everyone!

I am lucky enough to be spending the Christmas holidays in Florida this year. I have been looking forward to it for ages so I'm so excited that it is finally here!

To kick off the holiday we decided to head to Celebration which is a picture-perfect town in Disney. All the buildings are so cute and the town is so pretty.

We sat outside whilst we ate our brunch which was so relaxing and fun. I had an omette which was super yummy! The weather is quite warm at the moment but we're hoping that it will be even warmer for Christmas Day so that we can whip out the shorts!

The decorations in Celebration are amazing. As you can see above there is a giant Christmas tree right by the lake which is in the centre point of the town. It also snows in Celebration in the evening (never let it be said that it doesn't snow in Florida!) at certain times. We didn't stay for it but we are hoping to go back later in the holiday and see it.

Celebration is such a beautiful town and now we are in full-on holiday mode and are looking forward to the rest of the holiday!




September London Fashion Weekend

Hi everyone!

Last week I was lucky enough to go to London Fashion Weekend at the Saatchi Gallery in Sloane Square. I had never been to the Saatchi Gallery before but thought it was a good location apart from when it got quite crowded inside!

As we bought Gold Tickets we were able to see two catwalk shows, one design and the other trend.

The first catwalk we saw was the trend show, where the trends for spring/summer 2016 were displayed by pieces by different designers. The first trend was animal prints. I think a plain outfit with a animal print piece of clothing can look really cool and sophisticated so I'm definitely on board with this and am looking forward to searching for some animal prints in the high street shops.

The next trend was red whether that's crimson or maroon. 

I loved how they presented this trend in so many ways, like the picture above where the model is wearing a leather jacket and hat.

The outfit above is one of my favourites from this trend. At first I thought I would hate an all red outfit but I thought the above pieces were put together so well and I thought that all the different shades complemented each other.

Although it wasn't part of the trend I love the sunglasses the above model is wearing and am currently on the hunt for some similar!

Suede is one of my favourite things at the moment whether it's a skirt or a dress. I am in love with this trend and can't wait to suede up my spring/summer '16!

Between shows we wondered around the different rooms and had a look at all the collections. This was so fun and we had a great time in Sunglasses Hut, trying on all the different glasses. Although we didn't buy any, we made up for it in Maybelline where we indulged and hopefully I will be putting up a post soon, incorporating some of the products.

The design show we saw was by Christopher Raeburn. This was a great collection, inspired by the theme of water and the ocean.

The thing I loved about this question was that he included pops of colour with the orange which really brightened up the catwalk.

Something which Christopher is famous for is using old materials to create an item out of. I thought this was a really cool aspect of his designs as I've never seen any other designers do this before.

The finale was really fun to watch and it was great to see all the designs next to each other.

I was so sad that it was our last show but I loved watching both of them and am so glad we got to see them!

The whole day was amazing and the icing on the cake (or should I say the cream on the scone...) was having a cream tea lunch afterwards! 

London Fashion Weekend is always so much fun and now I'm so excited for the next one!



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