A Weekend in Amsterdam - Day 3

Hi everyone!

We spent our last day slightly outside Amsterdam in a place called Zaanse Schans (try saying that 5 times fast!) It was basically a windmill farm which was really random but really fun and the whole place smelt like the best brownies ever but we never actually found any brownies so we don't really know what that was...

We were so lucky and once again had blue skies but it was so much colder and we weren't really prepared so we were a bit chilly walking around!

I kid you not the picture above is a clog made or Swarovski crystals which was insanely cool.

As well as being a windmill farm Zaanse Schans is also an old town with lots of old buildings like bakeries etc. 

We ended up spending the majority of the day there because it was so pretty and fun and I would definitely recommend going there if you are planning on going to Amsterdam. It is only about half an hour from the city centre but it seems so separate from everything which is actually really nice!

Wherever you walked there were clogs everywhere!

We had to rush back to the city centre so that we would have time to collect our suitcases before our flight. 

Despite being in a rush we still made time to go to a Snoopy exhibition which we saw advertised. The room was filled with mini Snoopies with different outfits designed by high fashion designers inluding Zac Posen and Diane von Furstenburg.

It was such an adorable exhibition and I really enjoyed it but unfortunately we didn't get much time there because we had to make a speedy exit to the airport.

I had such an amazing weekend with my family and would suggest Amsterdam to anyone for a city break as I love it so much and it's definitely one of my favourite cities in Europe!

I hope you liked my series of Amsterdam posts!




A Weekend in Amsterdam - Day 2

Hi everyone!

Day 2 was a super busy day so let's get started!

We got up quite early so that we could go to Anne Frank's house and not be queuing for hours but when we arrived (around half an hour before it opened) there was still an absolutely massive queue!

We hadn't eaten breakfast because we didn't want to waste time so we were so starving! So whilst we were waiting my sister and I thought we'd do a quick look book of our outfits. I am wearing Forever 21 patterned harem trousers and a plain Forever 21 black top with pocket detail. My bag is from Zara, my shoes are white Converse (or they used to be white :/) and my sunglasses are Tommy Hilfiger. 

Luckily there are always plenty of bikes in Amsterdam to create the perfect look book!

We did eventually get into Anne Frank's house and spent quite a while looking around the house/museum. I found it really interesting and quite moving. My favourite part had to be the bookcase door which concealed the secret annex where Anne and her family were living.

We ended up having breakfast at some ridiculously late time (like 1:00) but I have to say it was worth it because I've always wanted to go to Anne Frank's house.

We then headed off to rent bikes and cycle around with the locals.

We cycled towards a massive park which was huge and so so busy! But on the way we found a market where they were selling clogs! I desperately wanted to buy some but then I was reminded that we already had some. Obviously.

On our way back to the bike rental store we stopped in front of the Rijksmuseum to have a look at loads of rabbit statues which were randomly outside.

I'm still not sure whether I like the duck rabbit statue or whether I find it creepy but overall I loved all the other rabbit statues.

What's a trip to Amsterdam without going to the Fault in our Stars bench? I have no idea which is why we had to stop off and take a couple of pics! It was super cute because people had written or engraved quotes on the bench and some people have attached padlocks to it!

Finally we went to eat dinner and had a walk around the city at night which was so pretty!

I hope you enjoyed this post and I will be posting the third and final day of the Amsterdam weekend tomorrow!




A Weekend in Amsterdam - Day 1

Hi everyone!

Today I came with my family to Amsterdam for a weekend trip. We arrived at the airport and whilst we were waiting for the train to take us to the centre we went outside and saw a huge 'I amsterdam' sign which was so cool so naturally we had to take a few photos quickly!

When we arrived at the train station in the centre of Amsterdam we walked to the hotel under blue skies with blazing sunshine - it felt so summery and cute!

We stayed in the Renaissance hotel which was in the perfect place as it was near pretty much everything!

After we dropped our bags we realised that we were actually quite hungry and we had seen a bakery down the street so went to grab a quick muffin before starting the sightseeing.

The weird thing I found about the cafe was the clear glass mug for the tea - I don't know why but it didn't seem right but maybe it's just an English thing! But the best thing was that it came with a Stroopwaffel which is quite difficult to explain but they're a bit like a waffle biscuit with caramel in the middle and they are amazing! I think they sell them in Starbucks but I have never actually tried one before so if you haven't it is definitely a must.

Since the weather was so nice we though what better thing to do than a boat trip? So we went on an hour boat trip on all the canals and it was so nice to just have a general look around and get a feel for Amsterdam as a place.

The bridge in the picture above is called the Skinny Bridge but I'm not 100% sure why because in my opinion it's not that skinny!

The river houses were so beautiful and we decided the boat trip was a perfect start to our trip.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I can't wait to tell you all about tomorrow in my next post!



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