English Lavender Fields in June

Hi chums!

The other day I went to Mayfield Lavender Fields with my mum to wander round, take some pics, and enjoy the weirdly good English summer weather.

I see pictures on Instagram every year around this kind of time of Provence and all the amazing lavender fields there - little did I know there were lavender fields not even an hour away from me. 

Although not all the lavender was out fully but the fields were still super pretty and I wanted to share some of the photos I took!

Love as always,


Barcelona Day 4

Hi chums!

On our last day in Barcelona, we got on a train and headed to Montserrat. 

The train ride took around an hour and then we got on a gondola to take us further up the mountain.

When you get to the top there are incredible views of the mountains and then there are also some really pretty buildings, including a museum and a monastery, along with a few shops.

There is also an outdoor market along the main street which is super cute.

The first thing we decided to do was to go inside the monastery/church and have a look around.

We waited in a queue for about 30/40 mins so that we could go through the corridor at the side of the church and this leads you up to the platform where you can look out over the inside of the church (below). 

After lunch we did one of the walks to the cross which you can see from the main part. It probably took us around 40 mins but was pretty straight forward and I really enjoyed it!

We ended up staying in Montserrat for way longer than we expected but it was so beautiful and there was a lot more to do than we thought. I would love to go again and do more of the walks because that was probably my fave part of the trip.

When we got back to the city, we went to watch the sunset at the top of the steps, where the art museum is. It was so pretty and was the perfect way to end our trip.

I don't think you can ever go to Barcelona too many times because having been there twice in a year, I already want to go back!

Love as always,


Barcelona Days 2 & 3

Hi chums!

Days 2 and 3 of my Barcelona trip have kind of blurred together a bit in my mind because we did more wondering round than going to specific places, so I've decided to join them together.

The first thing we did on Monday morning was to get up and see the sunrise. We watched this from the bridge which leads up to the stairs to the art museum. We had to get up super early but it was really pretty and obvs it was really quiet apart from a few early birds (and a few late late owls).

Something which you wouldn't want to miss in Barcelona is the cathedral. For 7 euros you can go inside and go up to the top for some insane views.

Just by the cathedral is this gothic style bridge (below) which gave me major Halloween vibes (Twitches anyone???)

Another thing that I would recommend doing is visiting the music hall. It's not the cheapest thing in the world, but there is a discount for students and this includes an hour tour of the building.

Normally I am not a huge fan of tours but maybe it was because the guide was good or maybe it was because the tour was in French (long story) and I don't speak French, but I actually enjoyed it!

The best part had to be the mosaic columns on the second floor - so gram-worthy it was unreal.

Inside the main hall was so amazing. There was so much detail in every aspect of the design and it was just generally lush.

For our fourth and final day in Barcelona, we decided to do a trip outside of the city, to Montserrat - blog post coming soon!

Love as always,


Barcelona Day 1

Hi chums!

Barcelona is one of my favourite Spanish cities because there is just so much to do, so I was super grateful to get to spend a few days there with three of my best buds!

We all arrived on Saturday evening and had decided that we wanted to visit Park Güell the next morning. When we looked to book tickets there were only two times so we went with the earlier one (8:30am). At first we were like omg soooo early because Park Güell is a little out of the city, but it turns out it was a blessing, not a curse, because the park was a lot more quiet in the morning and we got some better pics!

Park Güell is so beautiful, with mosaics and cool architecture - I would seriously recommend that this place is at the top of your list if you go to Barcelona.

The park is a cool mix of colourful mosaics and sculptures out of natural materials - some of the columns are made out of rocks/earth.

One of my favourite things in the park is this stone lady below.

You have to pay to go in the park, but once you are finished I would recommend going up as high as you can - it's a little bit of a climb but worth it for the views!

Whenever you say you went to Barcelona, you normally get asked if you visited Sagrada Familia, so naturally you have to go! 

(Quick travellers tip: you have to have your shoulders covered to enter the cathedral, so unless you want to buy a scarf or something from nearby, make sure to bring something along)

Although I prefer some of the other sights in Barcelona, it's hard not to fall for the iconic Sagrada Familia - the detail on this building is absolutely insane.

We went up one of the tower (Passion tower) and saw some pretty fab views of the city!

Inside the cathedral feels very modern and there are some really clever effects with different coloured lights.

To top off our hectic sight-seeing day, we visited Casa Milà, another building designed by Gaudí. 

On my trip to Barcelona last year I visited Casa Batllò which is really close by. I personally preferred this Gaudí building so if you had to choose between them, then I would go for that one, but I am glad I have seen Casa Milà as well.

The best part of Casa Milà is the roof where there are sculptures and amazing views.

You can even see Sagrada Familia in the distance (well, to be honest it's hard to miss because it's massive!).

That was day one complete! This was our day to see the main sights of Barcelona and I think we did pretty well!

Blog posts on days 2, 3 and 4 will be up soon!

Love as always,


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