Long Weekend in Seville: Day 3

Hi chums!

Day 3 was our last full day in Seville, so we decided to hit The Alcázar which is the royal palace there.

As we didn't prebook tickets we had to wait in line outside. It took around 45 mins (ish) to get in but it was so worth it!

The lady who sold us the tickets said that people normally spend from 45 mins to 3 hours here. We spent over 4 because it was so beautiful and there was so much to photograph - to be honest we could have spent even longer there but we were kicked out when it closed.

Although the rooms inside the palace are worth a visit, the real crown of jewels is the gardens.

Everything was super detailed, from the walls to the ceiling. The best time to take photos here was near closing because people started leaving.

On one of the far sides of the gardens there are loads of peacocks. As someone with a major fear of birds, I stayed waaaay back. But I did manage to get one picture (below) thanks to some super zooming.

I would really recommend visiting the Alcázar, but if you do go make sure you have enough time to queue for tickets and see everything - and maybe even have a cheeky coffee in the cafe (mmmm).

Love as always,


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