Castro de Baroña y A Coruña

Hi chums!

Last Sunday, whilst in Galicia, we went to the coast to Castro de Baroña and then headed to A Coruña.

Our first stop, which was Castro de Baroña, is also known as the end of the world because it was believed that this was the last bit of land before the vast sea and then the drop off the end (before they found out the earth was round).

When we pulled up to the side of the road and were told to get off, it was just by a random cafe. Once we walked though some greenery to the sea, it became much clearer why we had stopped! The circular structures (above) are the remains of buildings from when people lived there hundreds of years ago.

We spent about an hour and a half climbing on this amazing rock structure and taking hundreds of photos.

It was suuuuper windy so my hair was a complete mess (combined with the fact that I forgot to bring my hairbrush on this trip so it was already on its last legs and this just killed it!).

Although it was super windy and the waves were rough, this crazy guy thought it was a perfect fishing spot!

When we were done, we got back on the bus and headed to A Coruña.

The lighthouse in A Coruña is the oldest functioning lighthouse in the world, so of course we had to go up it. Theere were a loooot of stairs to get up there but the views were amazing!

We went to have one last look at the sea before we got on the bus ready for the long 4 hour ride back to León.

I had the best weekend and absolutely love Galicia. I would definitely recommend going if you're ever in northern Spain because I feel like it's really underrated but worth checking out!

Love as always,


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