Exploring Venice: Glass Blowing in Murano

Hi chums!

This is my second post from my trip to Venice and today I wanted to show you a few pictures from my visit to the island of Murano!

The island is so beautiful and I learnt whilst I was there that it is famous for making glass. We were lucky enough to watch a man blow glass in a glass factory. He had major skills - it was insane!

It was really warm in the room because the glass has to be so hot, but this man literally made a jug and a horse in minutes - I was so impressed!

I asked how they changed the colour of the glass and the man said that they use different chemicals (shown above) which I thought was really cool :)

We didn't spend too long on the island because we didn't have time but we found it really pretty and loved our visit!

I hope you liked this post - look out for more Venice posts coming soon!



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