A Day Trip to Portofino

Hi chums!

Portofino has been on my list ever since I worked at Loews Portofino Bay Hotel in Orlando last summer. The hotel has a recreation of the buildings below and it was so pretty. It made me really wanted to see the real-deal in Italy!

To get to Portofino, we drove to Santa Margherita and caught a boat. I think that's the best way to get there because you get to see the whole of Portofino as the boat pulls in and it really is beautiful. We were lucky and had a sunny day with blue skies.

Although Portofino seems super small, you can go on a walk up the hill and visit a church and see the whole town from above. This was one of my favourite things to do in Portofino. The shops and cafes are so expensive but we were happy to just go and take photos of everything!

The water was so super blue and clear!

After our walk we headed back to the harbour and had a (ridiculously expensive) coffee. I think it was like 4.50 euros for one coffee.

We left Portofino by bus because the last boat had left earlier on. The bus drove round the windy roads on the cliff side. The roads were so thin - I literally cringed whenever the bus turned the corner.

Our day in Portofino was really fun and I'm so glad that I've seen it now. 

In terms of Portofino vs. Cinque Terre, I think I prefer Cinque Terre because it feels more authentic. Although Portofino is very pretty there is, for example, a restaurant with pictures of rich famous people who have visited. I'm not so crazy about this because it makes it feels more tacky and touristy. Having said that, it's worth a visit and we all really enjoyed visiting!

Love as always,


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