Exploring the Cinque Terre: Manarola

Hi chums!

So this is my fourth post about the Cinque Terre and this time I'm bringing you to Manarola!

In terms of how it looks when you get out at the train station, I would say that Manarola is most like Vernazza. There is a small street which leads you down from the station, but that’s where the similarities end. 

Whereas Vernazza is quite a flat town, Manarola sits dramatically on the cliffs, high up from the sea and that makes for some great photos. 

We were lucky to visit at sunset, so the whole town was glowing a kind of golden yellow. 

Manarola was by far my favourite of the Cinque Terre and I would really recommend timings this one for sunset if at all possible.

 So, there is only one final Cinque Terre left to explore now! See you in my next post in... Riomaggiore!

Love as always,


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