How to make delicious scones!

Hi chums!

I wanted to share with you a scone recipe today. I love afternoon tea and scones and I love how they are always presented so professionally and cute! For Mother's Day my sister and I decided to bake some scones for my mum using the following recipe and they were YUMMY so I would thoroughly recommend - enjoy!


250g Self Raising Flour
40g Margarine
125ml Milk
Pinch of Salt
25g Sugar (don't add if making savoury scones)


75g Sultanas/Raisins/Currants (for sweet scones) or 75 g Grated Cheese (for savoury scones)


1. Set the oven to gas 7 or 220C
2. Sieve the flour and salt into the large bowl
3. Rub in the margarine
4. Add the cheese/currants and sugar (optional stage)
5. Make a well and pour in the milk and mix to a fairly soft but not sticky dough
6. Knead lightly then press onto chopping board. The dough should be at least 1cm thick
7. Cut into rounds using a cutter/knife and place on the baking tray
8. Brush with a milk 
9. Bake for 12-15 mins until golden brown

Recommendation: Serve with jam and clotted cream when making sweet scones

I hope you liked this post! I really enjoy doing baking posts so you can expect lots more in the future!




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