What is the best Austrian food?

Hi chums!

When I went skiing in Austria, one thing that we really enjoyed was trying out some traditional Austrian food, 

We had quite a big breakfast so we decided we would share because we didn't want a massive meal so on this post I'm going to tell you about three different types of food and I'm going to rate them out of ten.

1. Austrian Sausage - it was basically a Frankfurter but better!

Score: 8/10 - I'm a huge fan of sausages and obviously chips are a given fave! This was a perfect pit stop snack to share on the slopes (depending on how hungry you are of course!)

2. Germknödel - it's described online as a fluffy yeast dough dumpling filled with spiced plum jam. I would personally describe it more as quite a dense cake with jam in the middle. It had vanilla sauce poured all over it which was delicious!

Score: 9/10 - I absolutely loved the sauce and the cake, but I wasn't a huge fan of the spiced plum jam so that's why I gave it an 9, but I would recommend trying it. 4 of us ate this is a matter of minutes so I can definitely say that it went down well with everyone!

3. Gröstl - potato, onion, bacon and egg fry up

Score: 7/10 - anything with eggs has always got my vote! I liked this dish a lot, but the only thing I would change is the meat. The meat was nice, but for some reason I wasn't obsessed with it. I still loved the meal as a whole though and would say it's worth trying!

Our favourite restaurant in Kitzbühel was called Hochbrunn which was at the bottom of the one of runs we went down a lot.

Probably the best parts of being there was that the owner had the most adorable dog called Simba who would wonder around all the tables. He was the cutest thing I literally wanted to take him home!

Although my favourite food will forever be Italian (pizza and pasta, ya know) but I was impressed by Austrian food. My favourite thing I tried was definitely the Germknödel mmmmmm!

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A Week Skiing in Kitzbühel

Hi chums!

I have so many photos from my week on the slopes in Kitzbühel, Austria and I wanted to share them here on my blog. 

The weather was unusually warm for the time of year we went so it melted so so quickly throughout the week but it was still a super fun week of skiing and I took lots of photos on my phone!

Kitzbühel is a really beautiful place to go skiing but I would recommend going early in the year. We went there in the last week of March and if I was lucky enough to go again I think I'd like to go in January/February time.

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Exploring the town of Kitzbühel

Hi chums!

When I went to Kitzbühel last week I had no idea how beautiful the town would be or how much I would love it. We ended up walking into town every day after skiing to wonder around and take lots of pictures, of course!

The buildings are so colourful and it kind of reminded me of Burano in Italy!

When we went the weather was sooo warm, but if I go again in winter I would 100% go on a sleigh ride because they trips around the city and I think it would be so cute!

There are lots of cute, individual shops like old book shops which we went in, but there are also some more well known shops like Superdry.

We had an ice cream most afternoons because we were so hot when we got off the slopes. The best ice cream shop is the one by the town hall - there is every flavour under the sun! I tried mango, forest berries and butter cookies (not all on the same day though lol).

At the end of the high street there is a huge church. We didn't actually go inside but we enjoyed walking round the outside and getting some snaps.

Kitzbühel is such a pretty town. I really want to go back when it is all snowy and cold in the town because I think it will look even cuter!

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Love as always

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