What is the best Austrian food?

Hi chums!

When I went skiing in Austria, one thing that we really enjoyed was trying out some traditional Austrian food, 

We had quite a big breakfast so we decided we would share because we didn't want a massive meal so on this post I'm going to tell you about three different types of food and I'm going to rate them out of ten.

1. Austrian Sausage - it was basically a Frankfurter but better!

Score: 8/10 - I'm a huge fan of sausages and obviously chips are a given fave! This was a perfect pit stop snack to share on the slopes (depending on how hungry you are of course!)

2. Germknödel - it's described online as a fluffy yeast dough dumpling filled with spiced plum jam. I would personally describe it more as quite a dense cake with jam in the middle. It had vanilla sauce poured all over it which was delicious!

Score: 9/10 - I absolutely loved the sauce and the cake, but I wasn't a huge fan of the spiced plum jam so that's why I gave it an 9, but I would recommend trying it. 4 of us ate this is a matter of minutes so I can definitely say that it went down well with everyone!

3. Gröstl - potato, onion, bacon and egg fry up

Score: 7/10 - anything with eggs has always got my vote! I liked this dish a lot, but the only thing I would change is the meat. The meat was nice, but for some reason I wasn't obsessed with it. I still loved the meal as a whole though and would say it's worth trying!

Our favourite restaurant in Kitzbühel was called Hochbrunn which was at the bottom of the one of runs we went down a lot.

Probably the best parts of being there was that the owner had the most adorable dog called Simba who would wonder around all the tables. He was the cutest thing I literally wanted to take him home!

Although my favourite food will forever be Italian (pizza and pasta, ya know) but I was impressed by Austrian food. My favourite thing I tried was definitely the Germknödel mmmmmm!

Thanks for reading!

Love as always


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