A Mexican Fiesta

Hi chums!

June 8th. Election Day. But, more importantly (in my ever so humble opinion) my birthday!

This year was a weird one because most of my friends were still at university which meant I didn't get to see any of them on my birthday. But, never fear, when my mum and sister are involved there is always a party to be planned.

This year my birthday fell on a Thursday and on Wednesday we were thinking of what food to make for our family friends who were going to come round for dinner. After deciding on fajitas things escalated quite quickly and before I knew it several Amazon prime orders had been made with numerous Mexican decorations, because when in doubt, theme it out.

Now, naturally we ordered a piñata because what's a Mexican party without a pinata? However, after naming the piñata Harold which lead to some emotional attachment, it was decided that we wouldn't beat him to death just to get some candy because he was a true member of the Mexican family!

This spontaneous mini party was so fun, with the the decorations and the food. I had a really good time and so I thought I would share some snaps!

I hope you enjoyed this post and that you're having a great weekend!

Love as always,


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