I'm in Florida!

Hi chums!

I am now in Florida where I'll be spending the next three months working, volunteering and probably burning. I am so excited to be here at last after the longest journey ever!

On Saturday morning I set off for Gatwick airport, leaving my house at around 10am for my 1pm flight. Once I got through security I met some other people doing the same Cultural Program and we sat together before boarding the plane.

That's where things started to go wrong. After an hour and a half of wondering when we were going to take off, there was an announcement that the delay was due to a medical problem on another plane. Next thing we know there is a huge bang, the smell of petrol and apparently flames (I was on the other side of the plane luckily!)

This naturally didn't seem very promising and after another 30 minutes I found myself back in the North Terminal, waiting a massive line for a £15 refreshments voucher. Next thing we know, we all receive a text saying that the flight was moved to 6pm.

So, of course, the solution to our worries was to crack out the travel monopoly and eat our feelings with a family pack of Celebrations. I have to say this definitely boosted moral!

The plane didn't actually leave until 7:45 which meant a 6hr 45min delay. Not ideal!

I've generally been pretty lucky with my plane journeys so I feel like I was bound to have a delay sooner or later but I'm not going to lie this was frustrating!

The flight actually went quite quickly though thankfully despite some turbulence. I watched Moana and Passengers for the first time (would recommend) and sat next to a really nice family.

So all in all not a very successful start to the trip but on the up side this is a hugely first world problem and things are sure to get better from now on!

A delay is a delay so you might as well be positive about it, but I hope all of you who are travelling this summer have safe (and on time) flights!

I will be blogging lots more throughout my time here in the US so keep a look out for more posts or if you would like to get notified of when I post you can follow me on Bloglovin'.

Love as always


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