Exploring the Cinque Terre: Vernazza

Hi chums!

If you get on a train at La Spezia and go straight to Monterosso, you’ll catch a glimpse of Vernazza at you pull into the station and it will make you want to get off so bad! You can just see a street of old, colourful buildings and it gets you really excited!

So by the time we got onto the train after visiting Monterosso, we already had high expectations for Vernazza and thank goodness it didn’t disappoint!

Vernazza is mainly made up of one street which runs all the way down to the harbour, but about two thirds of the way there, there is a stone archway on the left. I don’t know if it’s always like this, but when we when there were piles and piles of stones, neatly laid out. 

On the other side of the cave there is a stone beach where some (brave, or potentially foolish) people were swimming in the sea. I touched the water with my hand and although it wasn’t frostbite-freezing, there is definitely no way you could have gotten me to go swimming there! But it was beautiful to see!

The crowning jewel of Vernazza has got to be the harbour. If you walk the full length of the stone walkway, you will see amazing views looking back at the town. 

If you want to you can rent a boat at this harbour but we barely had time to sit down for a rest before tearing off to see the rest of the Cinque Terre so if you have enough time to rent a boat, you're living the dream.

After a quick polaroid, it was back to the train station and on to our next stop: Corniglia.

See you there on my next post!

Love as always,


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