A Day Trip to Pisa and Lucca

Hi chums!

After a busy day visiting the Cinque Terre, we decided to spend the second day of our holiday in Pisa and Lucca. 

We drove to Pisa first and headed straight to the Tower of Pisa.

We walked past the beautiful buildings next to the tower, one which was the cathedral. They were doing some renovation of the terracotta tiles on the roof so some of the roof was a bit grim - I tried to take photos to avoid showing this aspect!

My favourite thing in the world was to stare at all the other tourists taking their 'I'm holding up the tower' photos. People really get inventive and it's hilarious.

I know it's called the Leaning Tower of Pisa but it really shocked me how much it was leaning - like seriously that things going to topple over one day! At some angles it looks more leaning than others so I tried to get the dramatic pics.

We had a little wonder round the town of Pisa but to be honest once you've seen the tower and the cathedral, the rest of the town isn't the most beautiful Italian town ever. It's very pretty but the main sight and tourist-pull is really the tower, so we ticked that off our list!

We obviously had a coffee here - a morning coffee became compulsory for the holiday/our lives.

We headed to Lucca in the early-afternoon. We all immediately loved the vibe of Lucca. The streets were beautiful, lined with trees and it felt a bit less touristy than Pisa.

We decided to climb up a tower which had a garden at the top - it was so weird to see a tree growing on top of a building!

The only downside was that there were approximate 2093902 stairs.

The views were well worth the climb though!

As the sun started to set we began to feel a bit peckish. We headed to the Piazza dell'Anfiteatro for some dins. The atmosphere here was really fun. There were plenty of people but it wasn't packed so it was perfect!

If you ever do go to Pisa, be sure to stop off in Lucca as well. We all preferred Lucca to Pisa, but obviously it's law to go and see that leaning tower!

Love as always,


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