Barcelona Days 2 & 3

Hi chums!

Days 2 and 3 of my Barcelona trip have kind of blurred together a bit in my mind because we did more wondering round than going to specific places, so I've decided to join them together.

The first thing we did on Monday morning was to get up and see the sunrise. We watched this from the bridge which leads up to the stairs to the art museum. We had to get up super early but it was really pretty and obvs it was really quiet apart from a few early birds (and a few late late owls).

Something which you wouldn't want to miss in Barcelona is the cathedral. For 7 euros you can go inside and go up to the top for some insane views.

Just by the cathedral is this gothic style bridge (below) which gave me major Halloween vibes (Twitches anyone???)

Another thing that I would recommend doing is visiting the music hall. It's not the cheapest thing in the world, but there is a discount for students and this includes an hour tour of the building.

Normally I am not a huge fan of tours but maybe it was because the guide was good or maybe it was because the tour was in French (long story) and I don't speak French, but I actually enjoyed it!

The best part had to be the mosaic columns on the second floor - so gram-worthy it was unreal.

Inside the main hall was so amazing. There was so much detail in every aspect of the design and it was just generally lush.

For our fourth and final day in Barcelona, we decided to do a trip outside of the city, to Montserrat - blog post coming soon!

Love as always,


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