Term Abroad: Week 9

Hi chums!

This week has been another busy one, which started with me saying goodbye to my friend who came to visit me in León, and ended with a trip to Galicia with uni.


Never have I ever seen such bad weather in León. From the day my friend came to León it rained constantly which was so sad because I really wanted her to experience it in the warm sunshine! Even so we had such a great time and I'm so happy she was able to come and visit me so that I could show someone from home where I've been spending the last couple of months.


As the weekend trip to Galicia was with the uni, one of my fave teachers came with us to show us everywhere and give us a bit of insight into the history of the place. Other than listening to a lot of Spanish at the weekend though, I really didn't speak to much this week which is super bad of me but bear with!


As mentioned, I went to Galicia at the weekend, but specifically to visit Santiago de Compostela. Living in León and learning so much about the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage meant that I was super excited to go to the place where it all ends! I see pilgrims every day in León, but they are still around 300km from their final destination. When you go to Santiago de Compostela you get to witness groups and individuals finish the Camino and it is so fun to see how psyched and relieved they are to finally be done!

We spent the first day wandering around Santiago de Compostela. On the second day we drove northwards, towards the coast. We made some stops to have a look at the Atlantic Ocean before heading to A Coruña. This place has the oldest functioning lighthouse in the world which we were able to go up. It had amazing views of the sea and the rest of the town.

After a tiring two days, we arrived back in León at 11pm.

I had such a good weekend seeing all these new places. (Although side note - gallego is near-impossible to understand for a castellano Spanish learner!)

Love as always,


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