Term Abroad: Week 10

Hi chums!

This week was the penultimate week of classes and it was also the week where I had to say goodbye to my American friends (they finished a week earlier than the UK students). But on the bright side I ended the week with my family in Seville, which was my first ever trip to Andalusia.


This week on Friday, it also happened to be my birthday. After years of exams, studying and even D of E on my birthday, I was super happy to be spending it in Seville. So I said goodbye to the ol' teens with sightseeing, tapas and a solid amount of iced tea! (Side note: do patatas bravas not exist in Seville?!?!?! because I. Didn't. See. Any. - it's not ok.)


Before heading off to Seville, my Spanish teacher warned me that the accent there is notoriously difficult to understand and that even she sometimes struggles to understand it. This naturally filled me with joy. Wait, wuuut...? Nope. I did not get it. I'm normally not too good with accents anyway (as in I can't distinguish very well where someone is from). To me, there are two Spanish accents: one I can understand and one I can't. I'm hoping that with time I'll get better at distinguishing accents but for now it's a bit of a stab in the dark.


So, let's just take a moment for Seville.

Never have I ever seen as many mosaics!!! Jokes, I think Barcelona could give it a good ol' mosaic-run-for-its-money, but the two are just such different cities.

Having learnt a bit about Seville and the Arabic influence in my History of Art classes, I was full-on nerding-out. The Arabic-style of the buildings gave the place a Moroccan feel, but still with Spanish vibes.

One of my favourite stops in Seville was the Plaza de España. I had seen lots of pictures of this place, but it was so much better in real-deal life. My other favourites were la Casa de Pilatos, Real Alcázar and the cathedral.

I will be doing day by day blog posts for Seville because I took a few hundred photos as always.

*     *     *

I can't believe the final week of my year abroad course is here already. I really want to make the most of it, and then I'm headed to Barcelona on Saturday to meet some of my buds!

Love as always


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