Exploring the Galician city of Santiago de Compostela

Hi chums!

Last weekend I went to Santiago de Compostela, a city in Galicia in the very north of Spain. It is so pretty there and is super busy with all the pilgrims finishing the Camino de Santiago.

Camino De Santiago is a pilgrimage and people come from as far as Germany and France which is completely insane but super impressive. The Camino ends in Santiago de Compostela because Santiago (ones of Jesus' apostles) is buried in the cathedral. 

It was such a nice day when we went which made the whole day perfect!

We started off by checking out the cathedral and then after we had some lunch (I see you paella) we went inside.

We were able to climb up on the roof (not illegally, I promise you there was a guide!) and see all over the city. All I can say is that there is a looooot of terracotta and I'm 100% ok with that.

Whilst we were in the cathedral we saw several men in black suits guarding another couple of men - turns out they were the President of Ukraine and the President of Galicia. No idea what they were doing there but it made our visit feel properly important and legit.

Later in the afternoon we went into this innocent looking building (above) and little did we know it had the coolest staircase in the world (other than that Hogwarts' ones).

Our teacher described it as medieval elevators because there were three separate staircases which took you to different floors. 

As we were on our way back to the bus I saw this super cute door handle - Snow White anyone??? 

Anyway, that is all for Santiago de Compostela. We weren't there for long but it's a cute place to visit and I'm glad I've been!

Love as always,


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