Sightseeing in Berlin - Part 1

Hi everyone!

Right now I am in Berlin which is so exciting because it's one of my favourite cities. I came here just under a year ago with my mum and we really enjoyed our time here so this year I decided to do a language course to improve my German and thought what better place to go than Berlin?

As well as going to school everyday I am managing to fit in some sightseeing and thought I'd share the placed I have visited so far.

As you can see from the picture above I visited the Brandenburg Gate and, because it is one of the nearest sights to where I am staying, I am going to go back.

The weather has been changing so much so I literally don't know what to where which is a bit of a nightmare because one minute it's bright and sunny and the next it's dark clouds and rain!

Just down the road from the Brandenburg Gate is the Holocaust Memorial. 

I have never seen a memorial like this one. There are so many grey cubes on the ground which differ in height and the ground undulates so one minute you'll be able to see over the cubes and the next minute you'll be surrounded by them.

The memorial is so unique which I think is so nice because the Holocaust was such a unique event that it deserves a special kind of memorial.

I could see the Reichstag from the Holocaust Memorial so I went to check it out.

Unfortunately I couldn't get a ticket to go up the glass dome because there weren't any available but it was still so lovely to see it because it's such an impressive building.

For anyone who doesn't know what the Reichstag is, it is the German Parliamentary building and I would definitely recommend booking tickets in advance to go inside the glass dome because I have done it in a previous trip and it was one of my favourite things I did whilst I was in Berlin.

My next stop was the Sony Centre which is a massive inside space. The ceiling (shown above) is amazing and there are so many restaurants inside. I really want to see a movie whilst I'm here so I might come back!

The Mall of Berlin is a definite must for anyone coming to Berlin. It is really close to the Sony Centre and is absolutely massive. There is a mixture of designer shops like Karl Lagerfeld and high street shops like H&M.

When I went there yesterday I watched an advert being filmed for a washing power in the space shown above. It was quite random but definitely fun to watch!

Also in the Berlin Mall is an amzing frozen yoghurt store where you do everything yourself. It was so yummy so there is no doubt that I'm going to go back for another!

I'm so excited to explore more of Berlin so I will do another post in a few days to show you what I've been up to.




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