A Day at the Pumkin Patch!

Hi chums!

The other week I went with my mum to check out this pumpkin patch which was quite near to where we live. I think especially this year Halloween has become such a big event and of course I'm always up for a celebration! 

We made our way to the farm and I had such high expectations because I had seen a few Youtubers go to pumpkin farms this year and they always look so autumnal and cute. Luckily I wasn't at all disappointed!

The farm had lots of different crates with different types of pumpkins in, ranging from your classic orange pumpkin to slightly green pumpkins and also white pumpkins which I hadn't seen before (I know, where have I been, right?!) I thought they were super cute, especially if you have a monochrome house (and I think we all know I'm talking about the Kardashians here...!)

They also varied hugely in size. Some were even small enough to hold and I thought that these were just adorable!

The one thing I'm never really sure about around Halloween is when you're meant to carve your pumpkin. Are you supposed to do in on the 31st or sooner...? If anyone knows I would love if you could please comment down below and let me know.

I really enjoyed going to the pumkin patch. It's such a fun thing to do and it's completely free so it's perfect! I've decided that I want to make this an annual trip now - and I have to go back again next year because I didn't get a white pumpkin this year!

So all that's left now is to carve my pumpkin!

Thank you so much for reading this post and I hope you have a very happy Halloween!



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