The Night Train

Hi everyone!

I thought I would do a separate post for this part of my Russia trip because I that it was such a weird experience that it deserved it's own post! After we had finished sight-seeing in Moscow we traveled to St Petesburg on the night train.

When we got on the train at around midnight it was snowing outside so I thought it felt as though we were in a Harry Potter film (minus Voldemort) because it was so magical! The compartments were similar to the Hogwarts Express, except instead of seats there were beds and there were also two other beds on top (like bunk beds). 

It was so cramped in the compartment and each suitcase had to be placed underneath the beds on the bottom bunk. On the other hand I think that the crampedness was a small price to pay seeing as there was free Wi-Fi which we all thoroughly made use of!

Although it was a night train, sleeping did not seem to be a possibility because the sunshine shone under the curtains straight into my eyes so I didn't sleep much at all!

All in all this was such a fun experience but I'm also not sure I'll be doing it again in a hurry!



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