5 Things I'm Grateful for from 2016

Hi chums!

Before I begin to look forward to the New Year I always like to reflect about the year that has just passed.

I know I'm not the first to say that this year has not been one of the best! But I still think there is so much to be thankful for, so if you're reading this then please join me (in the comments or just in your head) in thinking of your top 5 things you're thankful for this year.

1. Family - I'm really lucky so have a super tight family and we all get along really well. I appreciate having them a lot, but I feel like this year I have realised it a lot more since I started at uni in September!

2. Travel - I cannot believe how lucky I am to get to travel! Just this year I have been to Italy twice (Rome, the Amalfi Coast, Capri, Venice), I've been to Spain (Madrid) to do au pairing and I've also been to Florida with my family. This has been an insane year for travel and I've loved every moment of it!

3. School - I literally loved school. I can't really explain why I did when so many others don't but I loved pretty much everything about it (apart from the work lol). I went to a smallish school and I loved my friends, my teachers and the school itself. I was so sad to leave and it's only made me appreciate it more since I've left. I am so grateful that I enjoyed school which is why it was such an obvious one of my top 5 this year!

4. Sign Language - I have been learning British Sign Language for just over 3 years now and it's something which I am really passionate about. It's not the cheapest hobby to have but I am so happy and grateful that I got to study this amazing language with such a great teacher and other fab students! I would encourage everyone to give Sign Language a go because it is such a worthwhile skill and you get to meet some amazing people!

5. People - since going to university I have found that I feel quite lonely. I don't drink and have never stepped into a nightclub in my life. This is a personal choice which some people don't seem to understand and that's ok, but it has made me feel quite lonely. I am not saying this because I want to be pitied, it's just made me realise how much I love people. I feel so lucky that there are so many amazing people in my life and I am so grateful!

I hope that you have all had the most amazing year and I wish you all the best for the year to come!

Bring on 2017! 



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