Brighton Day Trip

Hi everyone!

Whilst doing exams and becoming increasingly bored, my sister and I decided to plan some things to do in the summer and a day trip to Brighton was a definite must. We went last year with some friends and enjoyed in so much so we thought we just had to come back!

After getting the train we walked out to blue skies and blazing sun so we first walked along the promenade and headed for the pier.

We could see the beach was fast filling up with people and the seagulls were out already being a nuisance.

One of the things I love most about Brighton is it's ability to be both an old-fashioned seaside town and a modern town with lots to do.

When we got to the pier we went inside the Arcade and played a few of the games - we didn't manage to win any though!

We spent a while watching people play games and going on rides.

While looking for somewhere to have lunch we walked past Brighton Pavilion and stopped to take a few photos.

We knew we wanted to have lunch in the Lanes because they are so cute and there are so many individual cafes to choose from.

We both chose a bacon, mushroom and cheese toastie and then after looking in some of the shops, we went back to the beach for some banana-flavoured ice cream - yummy!

We felt really weary from the heat so we went to the cinema to see Jurassic World which we had seen before but LOVED so we went to see it and fell in love with Chris Pratt all over again! If anyone hasn't seen it I would definitely recommend it because it is amazing (and this is coming from someone who has no particular interest in dinosaurs at all). You don't need to see the previous Jurassic Park films to see it so go now and enjoy!

We came out of the cinema super hungry so we grabbed some pizza in a restaurant just next to the cinema called Nuposto before heading back home on the train.

Brighton is such a fun place (especially in the summertime) so if you're thinking of going then I would say definitely go!




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