Madrid by Sunset

Hi everyone!

So this evening the amazingly lovely family I am staying with took my into the centre of Madrid for dinner and a cheeky bit of sightseeing! They told me that in the day time there is no one but tourists in the city because it is so hot, but at nighttime the atmosphere is amazing because there are so many people (locals and tourists!).

The first place we went to was described to me as the 'Leicester Square' of Madrid and it is also where the New Years' Eve celebrations take place every year. When we were there we literally had to battle the crowds because it was so busy!

We started walking through the streets towards La Plaza Mayor and there was so much to look at and all the buildings were so pretty and Spanishy.

Unfortunately la Plaza Mayor was having some reconstruction done so half of it was covered by a sheet, but the rest was there and the walls were covered with paintings.

Whilst we were there we watched an act by a man called Mierdo who was Argentinian and he played some music and told some jokes. There was a lot of crowd participation so I was really worried that he would pick me because he seemed to be choosing all the foreigners who didn't understand so I just slowly backed away and hid behind everyone and luckily I wasn't chosen - phew!

After having dinner at an Italian restaurant we went on a walk past the opera and theatres as the sun was setting.

All in all it was the perfect evening and one of my favourite night's so far!




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