A Morning at Wekiwa Springs

Hi chums!

On one of our last days out my friends and I decided to go to one of the famous Florida Springs. Although we heard so many good reviews about other springs, like Blue springs, we chose to go to Wekiwa Springs which was about 30/40 minutes from where we were staying.

It costs $6 to enter and that was per car so as there were 4 of us it was only $1.50 each. 

The first thing we did was to go to the part of the springs that you could swim in. Although we knew no alligators could get into this area because it was fenced off under a bridge, we were still a bit nervous to swim around! Luckily, as proved by this blog post, we survived!

The water was freezing which made it hard to get it. Also, parts of it were really deep so I couldn't stand anywhere (I'm around 5 foot 7) so that freaked me out just a little bit!

The springs were so beautiful so after taking a load of photos we headed to the canoe rental shop. To rent a two person canoe for 2 hours was $20 so we got two canoes and each paid $10.

Unfortunately the canoe experience was a bit of a disaster! Not even 10 minutes into canoeing my friends started freaking out about alligators and spiders to we did a quick turn around and headed back to shore.

Although the canoe trip didn't quite go to plan, we still had a really good time and I for one would definitely try canoeing again but I'm not sure I could ever convince them to do it again!

Love as always,


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