Visiting the Kennedy Space Center

Hi chums!

A couple of weeks ago we decided to make a trip towards the East Coast of Florida and visit the Kennedy Space Center. I had been to there when I was younger but my memories of the place had faded and so I was excited to experience it all again!

With a voucher which got us $7 off a ticket, we paid around $44 for a ticket which isn't the cheapest day out I've ever had but in my opinion it was well worth it!

As soon as you enter you can see the Rocket Garden (below). You can also sit inside some model air crafts and see how cramped astronauts really are in the rockets.

There is a bus available which takes you around some of the main launch pads. We even saw the launch pad which was preparing to be used on Thursday 7th September which was really cool!

One highlight we weren't expecting was when the bus driver stopped to let an alligator walk across the road and into the bushes. I have never seen an alligator out of water in the wild so I was snapping away like mad!

One of the things I loved the most about the Space Center was how they put everything you saw into perspective. For example, there are a few videos you can watch before seeing different rockets so that you really understand where they've been and their purpose for being launched.

One of the parts of the Space Center that I found particularly interesting was the Space Race between the US and Russia in the Cold War. The rocket in the pictures below is the first rocket to land on the moon and it was absolutely massive. Two thirds of the rocket was just fuel.

Being a language nerd I also loved seeing all the foreign newspapers with the headline of the moon landing!

We were told that the astronauts have to sit in their rocket like in the photo below for two whole hours before they take off.

Below is a picture of an astronaut suit which was worn on the moon and we learnt that the grey dust on it was actually moon dust.

One of the last things we did whilst leaving was to go on the slide (and by we I mean just me because the others didn't want to go on it).

Going to the Kennedy Space Center was on our list from day 1 so I'm so glad we got the opportunity to go there. I found it so interesting and would definitely recommend going if you have the chance!

Love as always,


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