Shooting Illuminations at the Disney Colors Meet Up

Hi chums!

Last Friday I headed to Epcot for the Disney Colors meet up. Disney Colors is a Facebook group I joined just recently because an Instagram account (@disney_nuts) I follow advertised the event which was to meet up in Epcot and shoot Illuminations.

The event was organised by @lisa.disney and about 25 people turned up. It was so nice to meet all these amazing photographers who all share a love of Disney. 

I have never shot fireworks with a tripod and remote control before so I was excited to try out the new equipment I bought.

The setting I used for these photos was: BULB, F11, ISO100

I shot these photos from the Japan pavilion because it was raining so we decided to take refuge on the balcony of the restaurant. I thought this was a fab place to take pictures though because you have the big Japanese monument in the middle of the shot.

I'm so grateful to have been able to attend this event and now I can't wait to go back to Epcot to try shoot the fireworks again!

Have a great week chums!

Love as always


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