Do we take too many photos?

Hi chums!

I have been thinking recently about the concept of taking too many photos. The question is – can you take too many photos and if so, how many is too many?

Nowadays photography is so popular. Who doesn’t feel the rush when you get some likes or your latest Instagram post?!

For me it’s things like Instagram which make photography even more fun. If I manage to take a good photo, nothing is more satisfying than getting a like and feeling like someone else thinks that what you’ve done is good too.

I’ve heard a lot about how social media ‘detracts from real life’. These comments are usually made by middle-aged to older people (no offence!) who have lived through a time when no such thing existed (shock horror!). But I’m not so sure whether social media is entirely to blame.

I’m sure we all remember birthday parties where you couldn’t blow your candles out before you had a picture taken, or going out for dinner on holiday and feeling absolutely starving but you weren’t allowed to eat until you got the waiter to take a photo of your entire family. And then of course, there’s the dreaded moment when you ask the poor waiter to take another one, this time with flash, only to get home and realise that the one without flash is so dark that you might as well have been in a cave. Or on the other hand, the flash makes everything so bright that your sunburnt face which you smothered with aftersun earlier is glowing brighter than the sun and contrasts dramatically with your glowing red eyes. Nevertheless, your parents assure you that ‘at least it’s a memory’ and consequently put it in the holiday photo album which will then be stored away.

My family, relaxed as we may be, often clash with the whole ‘too many photos’ scenario. We often end up spending ages in the same spot taking hundreds of photos from all different angles. Whereas my mum and I are in our element, I can see my dad getting tired and weary and dying to move on (and he’s probably more patient than most!)

So I guess what I’m attempting to write in this post, is if we should live in the moment and try to enjoy things as they come, or if it is nice to be able to get back from holiday and show your friends and family exactly where you’ve been and what you did?

Personally I wouldn’t and couldn’t dream of going anywhere without my camera. I love taking photos too much to not take any!

At the same time I try and strike a balance. I used to go to concerts and take as many photos as possible, but I realised that I ended up watching the concert through my camera screen. Now when I go I’ll take a few photos or maybe video a bit of my favourite song/s, but otherwise I try to enjoy it in the moment.

If you’re reading this I’d love to hear what you think so please leave a comment down below:

Do you think it’s better to capture the moment with a photo or live in it?

Thanks for reading!



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