Lack of Language means Lack of Personality

Hi chums!

Today is another language blog post because I really enjoy writing these!

Whilst I was aupairing with Spain, I met this lovely family where the mum was Spanish, the dad was English and they had two children. The whole family were so nice and I got chatting with the parents about the frustration felt due to a lack of language knowledge.

At this point in my Spanish, I know enough to kind of understand most of the conversation (unless it's politics or something!) and to reply when I'm asked questions, but I find it quite frustrating that I can't relay any of my personality.

When I speak English I can change the tone of my voice or add in facial expressions to add to whatever I am saying. I do this naturally and never really thought about it much before I realised that I couldn't do the same with Spanish.

I have to think hard about what I'm saying so much that I probably sound like a robot when I speak. I'm thinking about vocab, pronunciation, grammar, verb endings etc. all whilst attempting to look a bit natural and make the conversation flow and trying not to make the other person die of boredom whilst I try and get my sentence out which won't change their life or make their day better in any other way.

I think personality is everything and although actions are meant to speak louder than words, I can't help feeling like language and words are a huge part of life. Feeling like you can't come across how you would like due to a language barrier can feel really frustrating. If you're a funny person (or if you like to think you're funny lol) but you can't use you're most prime dry, sarcastic English humour, it's like ahhhhhhh!

I wanted to write this post, not because I don't enjoy learning language or want to be negative, but because I find that not being able to do these things only makes me want to improve faster. I would love to get to the stage where I can just add to a conversation and say something which makes people laugh in Spanish. That's just the dream!

I would love to hear what you think about this topic:

Do you get frustrated when you can't say something in a different language? Do you feel that you are able to convey your personality?



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