The Main City of Venice

Hi chums!

This is the last of all my Venice posts (probably anyway lol), so I wanted to show you what we did on our last day in this amazing city, which was to go and explore the mainland of Venice. 

As a quick side note, if you would like to see my Venice vlog then please click here.

The first thing we did was to hop on the boat which took us from our hotel to right beside San Marco square.

Once again we were insanely lucky with the weather because it was blue sky everywhere and was also super hot!

I loved walking through San Marco square and past Doge's palace because they are probably the most iconic places in Venice to see. The only thing that reeaaalllly put me off was the amount of pigeons in the square ahhh (ornophobia and all). I literally couldn't walk through the square because of my irrational fear of all birds so I had to make a detour and walk around the square under the arches which was a bit of a pain, but then again it's a pretty stupid fear so fair does.

Doge's palace was so beautiful and the architecture was just amazing!

We spent our whole day wandering along different canals and coming across really cool places. We took so many pictures it's a bit ridiculous but I had so much fun doing it all!

And of course we had to make a visit to the Rialto Bridge which was super impressive but unfortunately it was undergoing some construction work so one side of it was covered up with a massive sheet (sad times).

Before we went to Venice I did a bit of Pinteresting and found the tour down below which I pinned straight away because it's so cool (Pinterest: sightsnstripes). I knew we just had to find it so I made my whole fam walk for miles to find it. I'm not going to lie, we got lost. It's not that easy to find but after asking several people for directions we eventually got there and I personally think it was really worth it!

As the sun set we raced to the airport in a speed boat (am I George Clooney? I think so), and we got our evening flight back to Londontown.

Venice was such a fun city break, I really can't recommend it enough. I would love to hear your thoughts on Venice:

Have you been already? Would you like to go in the future?

Let me know in the comments below.

I hope you liked this post!



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