Back skiing in Kitzbühel!

Hi chums!

Last week I went on a ski trip with my fam and although we considered lots of options, we couldn't help but go back to Kitzbühel where we went last year because nothing else really seemed to compare!

The only issue last year was that it was so hot that the snow was super slushy and was melting so quickly, but this year we had just about every weather known to man, from blizzard snowfalls, to thick fog, to blue skies. 

One day it was so foggy that we couldn't see more than a few metres ahead so that was potentially dangerous/life threatening, but definitely something to remember. There were so few people on the mountain that day (or that we could see) that it felt like we were completely alone which was a little bit creepy!

On the sunniest blue sky day we decided to get the cable car and ski over to Thurn Pass, which was the furthest point we could go to from the Hahnenkahm which is where we started each day. There were so many beautiful runs - the only real issue was the button lift which I unfortunately fell off and had a bit of a mare getting back on!


Some more Kitzbühel posts are still to come - the town was decorated for Easter and was so cute!

I hope you all had a fab Easter weekend!

Love as always,


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