Easter Saturday in Madrid

Hi chums!

Last Saturday I flew into Madrid and, it being Easter weekend, I obviously was super excited at the prospect of the Easter parades! 

My flight got in just after 2pm and, as I read that the parade was due to start at 4:30pm, I rushed to get an Uber (which took for and ever but that's a different story) and eventually made it to the hotel. After a quick turn around I rushed to the monestary where it said the parade was due to start and I saw... absolutely nothing. (see below)

There was a couple of metal railings and a few people but basically nothing and after waiting around for a good half an hour, I decided that whatever it was had finished and decided to leave. I was a bit bummed but I didn't want to waste my one afternoon in Madrid, so I went to the Plaza Mayor and wandered round a bit.

After checking out the Plaza Mayor, I headed towards the Royal Palace to take some snaps of the outside because the sun was the most amazing golden colour and I was super into it.

As it hit 7pm, my body clock went off and told me that I was in desperate need of some coffee asap, so I headed back towards the Plaza Mayor and the path I took happened to head past the monastery where I had waited for the parade earlier. As I walked I saw a huge crowd which filled the street and I knew that that meant one of two things:

1. Someone was handing out free food samples
2. My dream of meeting Penelope Cruz was about to come true

As it happened, it wasn't either of the two (one day, Penelope!) but I was so excited to see that the parade actually was on. I was just a mere two and a half hours out - oops!

Given my disastrous timing issues, I was several people deep into the crowd, which meant for a large part of the spectacle the only thing I could see were some extremely pointy hats.

Luckily, as they started to leave the square outside the monastery I was able to snap a few pictures which turned out ok.

I feel so lucky that I got to see one of the many Easter processions Madrid has every year. It is so fun to share in a different country/culture's traditions and I had a lot of fun.

After the procession, I took my camera and my remaining dreams of meeting Penelope Cruz back to the hotel and watched the sunset from the 9th floor rooftop terrace which had an amazing view of Madrid (and, of course, I had a coffee).

It was such a special day, and a perfect start to my Spanish trip. The next day I got on the train to León where I will be spending the next three months chilling- sorry, I mean studying at the university.

Love as always,


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