A Trip to the Ancient Town of Ostia

Hi chums!

This post is going to be about a place which we visited which is near to Rome (only about 45-ish minutes by car) but not many people know about.

For those of you who don't know, Ostia is probably most well-known for it's port which was used a lot in Ancient for importing and exporting goods. We didn't actually visit the port itself, but we wondered around the ruins of an old town which was so interesting!

Some of the ruins were pretty well preserved so we enjoyed exploring the town and seeing how much was left of what the Romans had built. We were so lucky that we had great weather for our visit (and obviously it makes any photo I took look 10 times better!)

I found this site a bit different to other which we had visited, because there was quite a lot of grass and that probably sounds strange but when we visited Pompeii and Herculaneum it was almost purely stone. All of Ostia's plants and grass are so well kept though so it looks like the perfect town! It actually reminded me so much of Disney's film 'Hercules' (which by the way is amazing if you haven't seen it!) which only made me love it that much more!

Ostia is a big site and we didn't have too long to spend there so we went around speedily visiting everything from the baths to a temple dedicated to Augustus to the amphitheatre which you can see below. The majority of this has actually been reconstructed, but it's so amazing to get the feel of the sorts of places where entertainment took place in Ancient Rome.

I think that many people don't think of Ostia as a typical tourist site to visit when in Rome. I wouldn't recommend it if you aren't very interested in Ancient history (or ruins in general) but if you are looking for something a bit quieter and peaceful it's definitely worth a trip!

More posts on my trip to Italy still to come so watch this space!



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