Off to the Island of Capri

Hi chums!

So I spent one of my 6 days in Italy on the amazing island of Capri and I had been looking forward to this trip for ages after seeing such amazing pictures of it all over the internet. Unfortunately the day we went was the worst day of our trip for weather. It was cold and wet all day which was such a shame but we still had a great time!

We left the shores of Sorrento in the morning and made our way over to Capri on the boat that runs regularly.

Once we got to the island we took a cable car up to the main part of the town and although it didn't feel like we went that far, we seemed to end up quite high up and the views were insane!

The town was really pretty and the buildings were so colourful, so I would have loved to just sit outside a cafe and people watch while sitting in the sun but (of course) we ended up running between shops to keep dry and keep out of the rain!

The weather, however, did not stop up from taking a 30 minute walk to Tiberius' Villa on the top of the island. The ruins of his home were really interesting to walk around.

After trying to make the most of the day, we ended up getting the ferry back a bit earlier because we were wet and cold! As you can see in the pictures below the clouds were so dark and were really low so that we couldn't see the tops of the cliffs which was a bit ominous!

I was so sad that we didn't have enough time to go back on another sunnier day but it's definitely a place on my list to visit again in the future because I feel like there is a lot of the island which we didn't have a chance to explore.

Ironically when we got back on the ferry there was the most beautiful sunset which was a happy end to the day!

I would recommend Capri but the majority of things to do were outside so if you can I would pick a good weather day for it! (Also sorry that the only thing I seem to have written about in this post is the weather - it's an English thing!)



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