A Weekend in Segovia

Hi chums!

This past weekend I went to Segovia, which is north-west of Madrid. Even though it's not massive there is still a few major things to see, the first being the aqueduct. 

The aqueduct is so impressive and was even more fun to see after studying it in my History of Art classes. There is always a good crowd of people around the aqueduct so I had a fab time people-watching.

On Saturday I arrived mid-afternoon, so after visiting the aqueduct I headed to the cathedral.

You can pay to go up the cathedral which is well worth it - and if you're a student you get a discount so it's really a win-win situation!

There are so many cool buildings in Segovia so I literally had my camera out all the time. One of my favourite buildings I saw was Casa de los Picos (below).

The thing I was most excited to do was to visit the Alcázar de Segovia. This palace is supposedly what Sleeping Beauty's castle was based on so my inner-Disney was freaking out.

I went to visit the palace on Sunday and had the best weather. The palace is so pretty and I really enjoyed going inside and taking a tonne of pics.

The rooms of the palace have a medieval and kind of gothic-style feel to them. It definitely gave me major sleeping beauty vibes and I was just waiting to bump into Prince Phillip. (update: I didn't *sniff sniff*)

The views from the palace were amazing and you can also pay to go up the tower where you get even better views.

This (below) is a view of Segovia and the cathedral from the palace tower.

After I left the palace I headed back to the centre. I had no idea where I was going but I just kept looking for the cathedral which is so crazy massive you can't even miss it.

In the afternoon it was so hot so I sat on the grass by the aqueduct and chilled for a bit until I had to go to the station to catch my train.

Segovia is so beautiful and I'm glad I got to visit before I left Spain because I has been on my list forever.

If you ever go to Madrid and have a spare day, I would definitely recommend checking it out. You only really need one full day here, to do the palace, cathedral, aqueduct and to wander around, but it is well worth it!

Love as always,


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