Term Abroad (Extended): Week 12

Hi chums!

So I decided I wanted to spend another month studying here in Spain so I booked onto another month of summer classes.

This meant that everyone from my English uni who was also studying here went home and I am now in classes with other students.


I was weirdly nervous to start back at the language centre again because I thought that the teachers would think it was weird that I came back but they seemed happy to see me (I hope they were anyway) so after one day it was all good.

It was also nice to meet some new people. The other students are all from various universities in the US, but almost all of them have families which originate from South America or Mexico so it's really nice to hear about South American culture.

There also happened to be a quarter final World Cup Match this week which England was playing in. I was weirdly into it seeing as I don't really have any interest in football. They won the match and made it into the semi-finals so I'm sure I will be watching that next week and fingers crossed they'll make it into the final!


As I mentioned before, the new students have South American and Mexican family which means they have grown up learning South American Spanish. This is more different to Spanish here in Spain than I first thought but I'm loving learning what they do differently and also trying to work out the accents of different South American countries (I suck at this but I try lol).

I also signed up to the gym this week because it is fiiiiinally sunny in León!! But as you can imagine, this meant I had to talk to someone to buy it (ahhhh). For some reason being home for a week has made me more nervous to speak Spanish now I'm back because I was suddenly super scared to speak to someone to buy a membership. Luckily it was all fine and I bought a month membership without any awkward I-have-no-idea-what-you're-saying moments. I feel like for me I make up situations in my head of how embarrassing it will be when something goes wrong, but in reality it's never that bad so I'm going to really try to break this habit over the next few weeks.


I am so lucky that I have the most amazing friends in Madrid (my very own Span fam who I au paired for a couple of years ago) and this weekend I went to visit them. They are the nicest people in the world and always make me feel so at home. We had such a nice chilled weekend and I was so sad to leave them on Sunday evening to make my way back to León!

I have three more weeks left in León now so I'm going to try and plans some weekend trips and really make the most of my time here.

Love as always


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