A Sunday in Salamanca

Hi chums!

Since I've been on my term abroad in León, I've really, really wanted to go to Salamanca. 

I've been to Salamanca three times before, ironically all in the same year (2015): a weekend with my Span fam (au pairing) in July, a two week Spanish language course in August, and another week at the same language school in October. So I think it's safe to say I really like it there!

This trip was organised by the Centro de Idiomas at the Universidad de León, where I am currently studying. They are really good with organising trips, so last Sunday around 30/40 of us all got a bus to Salamanca.

We were dropped off at the Roman Bridge and headed across to explore the city.

We visited a garden which I had never been to before, but I would really recommend checking it out if you go to Salamanca - especially in summer because the flowers are beeeautiful!

Next stop was the cathedral and university buildings which are all built in this old yellowy stone and I am OBsessed.

On the 'fachada' (above) you are meant to try and spot the frog. Traditionally if students found the frog then they would do well in their exams. Unfortunately due to bad eyesight and general overlooking and ignorance I had to be shown where the frog was (I guess my exam future isn't looking too bright right now...!!!) 

A trip to Salamanca isn't complete without visiting the Casa de las Conchas aka. the coolest shell wall you ever did see. 

After an hour or so of walking around we finally made it to the Plaza Mayor. Of all the cities I've been to in Spain, I think my favourite Plaza Mayor is the one in Salamanca. It is so pretty and also looks amazing at night when it's all lit up and magical.

Whilst most people pulled up a chair to watch the World Cup Final of France vs. Croatia, I went up the cathedral because why not.

I've been up the cathedral twice before but it never gets old! The building is amazing and the views are fab.

The very last stop of the day was la iglesia de San Sebastian. This is a cute little church on the edge of the main part of town.

After a long and super fun day we hopped back on the bus and started the drive back to León - I'm pretty sure I fell asleep before we even left Salamanca!

I have just one weekend left in Spain now before heading home to England for a while. I have my final trip planned, so be sure to check out blog posts on that next week.

Love as always,


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