Term Abroad (Extended): Week 14

Hi chums!

This week was my second last week and I can't believe how quickly the time has gone! I have been super busy this week which is what I love.


This week I watched a film called Ocho Apellidos Vascos and the actress looked so much like Kendall Jenner at certain angles it was unreal.


So we are 3 weeks in now and I have finally got my gym card!! Every time I've been to the gym I've had to wait in line to ask if I could get it but the machine was always broken and I was so embarrassed to ask them again and again. But it's all ok now, folks! Help has come in the form of a plastic card with a horrific picture of yours truly.

Looking back on it though, even though it's been a pain it has made me speak way more than if I had got it on the first day. Instead of slipping past the man or woman at the front desk, swiping my card with finesse and cruising through the turn style (ok, so I probs would have awkwardly stumbled through after swiping my card wrong several times and then being stressed because someone was waiting behind me), I actually had to face my worst fears and talk to someone. Such horror, but I did it!


This week I did two trips, the first was with the uni and we went to see some monasteries close to León and then later we had a picnic-dinner by the river while the sun was setting.

The second was a weekend trip to Segovia. I arrived mid afternoon on Saturday and left in the evening on Sunday. I had an amazing time wandering round and taking loads of pics.

The real highlights for me were the aqueduct and the Alcázar de Segovia. Both are so amazing and I'm so glad I got the chance to visit them.

*     *     *

Only one more week left now - ahhhh! I'm really looking forward to my last five days of classes but I'm not gonna lie I am mildly stressed out about packing all my stuff up and moving out on Saturday. But it's all good. I'm definitely calm. I think hope!

Love as always,


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